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After receiving a Masters’s degree in counseling psychology in 2019, I dove headfirst into practicing in what would be an intense season of burnout for many individuals. Standard graduate training had not provided me with the tools to recognize, diagnose, or treat burnout. Because of this gap in my professional training, understanding burnout – especially creative burnout- became my passion. I even, in 2022, create a graduate-level course surveying the presentation of burnout in entrepreneurs and how therapists can better treat people suffering from burnout.

I decided to form in order to make my research – and the research of others- more widely available. My goal is to provide an easy-to-read and understand guide to emerging academic and medical research on the topic of burnout.

As a licensed mental health provider, it is essential to me that the information provided is up to date, accurate, and evidence-based. Because of this, you’ll find peer-reviewed references for claims that are stated on Simply look for the superscript link following a citation or locate the “sources” section at the bottom of each article.

L. Anne Braman M.A.